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  • 14:12 24 Apr 2014

    @david_bugg: RT: Heard about lots of exciting projects and programs planned for @Notts_TV coming up! #ExcitingTimesAhead :)

  • 14:12 24 Apr 2014

    @MDF_Notts: RT: @Notts_TV looking forward to seeing a bit of everything that is local :-)

  • 13:41 24 Apr 2014

    @hall_ed: RT: Nearly 2.4 million new homes added to the #localtv multiplex this afternoon. Great work up the scary big mast at Winter Hill.

  • 13:38 24 Apr 2014

    @a516digital: RT: The #localTV multiplex for Preston and Blackpool has been reported as being on air, bringing Pop and Bonanza Bonanza to Freeview in the area

  • 13:32 24 Apr 2014

    @a516digital: RT: The #localTV service is being broadcast from Winter Hill, via 3 "petals" or beams - one for Manchester, one for L'pool and one for Preston.